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JoAnn Bouda
  • Certified Life Coach:
  • Licensed Seminar Leader for Professional Development and Team Building
  • Associate, Academy for Coaching Excellence

A Life Coach helps those who want to play a bigger game with their life, one that is more satisfying and fulfilling.

A Seminar Leader can deliver tools for empowering your teams to reach their optimal potential.

An Associate can draw upon all the resources and expertise of the Academy for Coaching Excellence for your life and your business success.

Transitions and desires for improving your personal, professional and team success are key reasons a person seeks out a coaching partner.

As a Coach and Seminar Leader I support you in becoming more successful in:
  • career life
  • personal relationships
  • retirement planning
  • empty nest living
  • relationships
  • building empowered, successful teams
  • financial success
  • family or professional moves
You know in your heart what kind of life you want to live and you have the capacity to live it the best that you possibly can. With the support of your Coach, you will discover how you can play the game of life the very best that it can possibly be played, regardless of obstacles which may have stopped you in the past.

David Bouda, M.D., FACP, Health Coach and Physician

A Physician Health Coach creates a powerful partnership with you that is proactive. This wellness coach unlocks a person's potential to maximize their own performance to live life better, longer and to slow the aging process.

A Physician Health Coach has:

  • ability to listen to your desires and concerns
  • willingness to acknowledge your view of why and help you clarify it
  • ability to explain complex health issues in understandable terms
  • willingness to assess family and social support
  • ability to show empathy for your concerns and support your effort
  • willingness to offer encouragement, hope and reassurance on the journey to personal health

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