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  • www.academyforcoachingexcellence.com
    The reference for certified coaching training and the home of Maria Nemeth, PhD who is the leader of this movement in the United States. Great references and information about coaching will be found at this site with multiple links.

  • www.tccomaha.com
    Since it's formation in 1991 TCC has served clients world wide in nearly every industry: Fortune 500, mid-size, small business, sports teams and individuals-professional, colleges, HS and youth, education, non-profits, federal, state and local government and the military. Jim Meier has developed step by step guides for developing your own Championship Thinking. We are proud to be in association with TCC and Jim Meier. Check out his website.

  • www.sqnt.net
    A most needed organizational service for you and your business to free up your time to focus on life and health issues in your life.

  • www.iom.edu
    National Academy of Sciences has created a non governmental independent body called the Institute of Medicine that reports on medical issues through analysis of evidence based peer reviewed information.

  • Physician Laboratory Services
    4840 "F" Street
    PO Box 27999
    Omaha, Nebraska 68127-0990
    Tel: 402-731-4145
    Fax: 402-731-8653

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