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We have two diagrams of our interactions that bring our coaching and wellness functions into better clarity for individuals and companies.

Graphic Overview of Services (in Microsoft PowerPoint format):

We also have a sample implementation plan that is used for corporations. If you have any questions, we are ready to come to your office and discuss them.

Get a Life Coach and Produce the Results You Desire With Less Time and Less Effort

A Certified Life Coach will support you in discovering you vision. A Life Coach provides you with the certainty that you need to move forward in whatever areas of life you desire. You may feel stuck or rudderless in the ocean of life. A coach will help you to gain clarity and motivate you to design a plan with step-by-step actions that keep you moving forward. You will find joy in each success and celebrate it with your coach!

You may be seeking a professional to support you in:

  • Achieving desired goals with clarity, focus and ease
  • Bringing more success to your life and/or business
  • Building strong and satisfying team and work relationships
  • Improving or transitioning in your career
  • Improving any relationships you desire
  • Making improvements in your own physical vitality
  • Improving your relationship with money and your own financial success
  • Being motivated to reach goals that come alive with meaning and excitement
  • Living a life filled with gratitude

How Can I Find Out if Coaching Is Right for Me or My Business?

For Team Building, Business or personal growth, it's very easy to meet. The first meeting, either in person or by phone, will help you to see what a coach does and how this would work for you or your business. You will see how a life coach is a person 'in your corner' to support you in exactly what it is that you want. You may have a sample coaching session, so you can experience the authentic interest that your coach has in your success. There is absolutely no obligation until YOU determine that coaching is what you need.

Your life coach can assist you in identifying your most valued dreams, what is holding you back from achieving these, and how to live a life that is more fulfilling.

How Can I Meet With a Life Coach?

Now you know the benefits of Life Coaching and see that it has meaning and value for your life. Contact us for a 30 minute meeting and see what this can do for your life. Remember, we can meet in person, or by phone and begin to bring your life dreams and goals into reality.

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Get a Physician Health Coach

  • Live longer and act younger.
  • Optimize your specific disease treatment response.
  • Lessen your dis-ease, enhance your health, and stop the aging.
  • Increase the energy you have for a successful life journey.
  • Have a physician partner to help you develop your own personal prevention program after an illness such as cancer or heart disease.

If you see the importance of any of these in your life or the life of a loved one, then a PHYSICIAN HEALTH COACH can be a powerful tool in your toolbox for healthy living.

Get Psychological Services - What are the Benefits of Psychological Services?

Dr. Grandy is a clinical psychologist practicing in the Omaha community since 1975. He meets with individuals, families and couples to provide services that enhance their lives by assisting with issues involving mental health, parenting, relationships, and performance. By way of education testing, he provides assessment of learning disabilities, concentration problems and academic difficulties. His clients span all age groups from young children to the elderly.

Dr. Grandy also is a staff Psychologist at Creighton University providing counseling services for students. He has his PhD in Counseling Psychology from University of Iowa and is licensed in Nebraska and Michigan. He is available for all ages providing the following counseling services for:

  • Academic, adjustment, and behavioral problems
  • Anxiety, compulsions, panic attacks and traumatic life events
  • Family and marriage relationships
  • Depression, mood swings and sleep disturbances
  • Educational testing for learning disabilities

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