About David...

He has been my guide through a diagnosis of breast cancer and recovery. Together we made choices based on scientific knowledge and what was best for me. My life is better today because of his Five Step Recovery Plan. I still follow it daily.

Mother and Wife
Omaha, Nebraska

I have found Dr. Bouda to be the most competent, intelligent, thorough and articulate physician I have known, always searching for a better way to improve the health of his patients.

Retired Engineer
Phoenix, Arizona

In the world of highly specialized medical practices, finding your way through the maze of options and having an individual who genuinely is compassionate and takes the time to understand the patients' needs is indispensable and invaluable in times of family crisis.

CEO and President
Omaha, Nebraska

Dr. Bouda was instrumental in helping me formulate a plan of treatment and wellness when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. His knowledge of current treatment protocols helped me make informed decisions regarding my care, provided me with a plan of action to increase my mental and physical strength and well being.

Memphis, Tennessee

Dr. Bouda's "Facing Chronic Disease Program" helped us understand the importance of strong support systems at a time like this. The seminar was an inspiration to us. By your actions in the seminar, one would have to be deaf and blind not to feel the comfort you share with your patients.

Kansas City, Kansas

About JoAnn...

Communication and Teamwork during Times of Complexity and Change is the title of the custom seminar and teambuilding session provided by Ms. Joann Bouda to the executive staff of Restech. This session was geared toward the specific needs of Restech. Growing a medical technology company from concept to commercialization has meant literally years of focused grueling work with little respite. The energy and commitment demanded of the management and staff of our company has been constant. When Joann came in for our session, the staff was exhausted, burned out, and quickly becoming ineffective.

The training achieved a number of changes. Let me describe the effect of the session. First, our group started communicating – at a new and more honest level. The possibilities of what we might achieve turned into targets for what we will achieve. A number of tactics and strategies for presenting from a new vantage point and being open to new possibilities re-funneled our negative energy and tension into more effective outcomes that are positive and productive.

Engaging and investing in this activity for our executives has created such a positive result that we are extending follow on workshops to our entire company. Joann is a very positive force with an expertise that prepares individuals to think from a new perspective and to embrace success and progress. The workshop was extremely effective for Restech and was an excellent investment.


Being a self-directed professional much of my adult life, I was at a loss when, at the age of 54, despite all of my efforts, I was unable to navigate through an unexpected life-altering change. JoAnn Bouda's insights and exceptional skills in Life coaching enabled me to focus on my goals in life and begin again to find peace, happiness, and a sense of fulfillment. I continue to value and appreciate her ability to see each individual's potential, and provide the guidance and resources to find the answers that lie within.

Ed.D. Administrator
Omaha, NE

As a retired person dealing with a life threatening illness, I thought I was ready for Life Ending rather than Life Coaching. Instead, through this process, I am finding ways to live well and create goals that make my life experiences exciting and meaningful. I am not out of goals yet, and attaining them is a reality rather than an impossibility.

Union Pacific Retiree
Omaha, NE

Life Coaching has made a dramatic change in my life! JoAnn Bouda has led me to discover and clearly focus on my internal values and goals, my life’s true intentions. She has helped me understand how to achieve these goals by taking action and staying focused. With her guidance I now understand how these steps must be made with ease and grace or they are not authentic and are counterproductive to my goals. JoAnn is a partner on my life journey, a mentor, and a friend. I highly recommend Life Coaching to anyone who is struggling to bring meaning to their life, or whose life is just a struggle. It doesn’t have to be that way. Life Coaching can change your life too.

Senior Administrative Assistant
Creighton University

I am consistently amazed at the benefits of a life coaching session. I have been taught how it is possible to face the challenges in my life with clarity, focus, ease and grace. I use the skills daily and am grateful for the opportunity to learn from such a compassionate teacher.

Senior Administrative Assistant
Creighton University

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